Staying true to his vision, the Fred Rogers Center helps children grow as confident, competent, and caring human beings.

The foundation of every child’s healthy development is the power of human connection. Whether we are parents, educators, media creators, or neighbors, each of us has unique and enormous potential to nourish children’s lives with positive interactions.

Established in 2003 to carry forward Fred Rogers’ important legacy, the Center is the official home of the Fred Rogers Archive as well as a straightforward, understanding, and compassionate voice for the healthy development of children.

We work to extend the legacy of Fred Rogers to today’s generation of children and the adults who love and care for them—or, as Fred called them, “the helpers.” Our Initiatives focus on helping the helpers as they care for, educate, and raise children.

An important vision in the founding of the Center was to provide learning and growth opportunities for students at our home of Saint Vincent College who will go on to work with and for children in their careers. In our work around digital media and learning, we seek to help adults understand how to use technology well in the service of children, and how to ensure technology does not take the place of the essential human interactions and relationships in a child’s life. Through Simple Interactions, we help children’s helpers to recognize the deep value of and grow in their interactions with children.