Column #511–515

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Fred Rogers quotes Margaret McFarland in this column about a week of Neighborhood programs dealing with fantasy and reality. Fred had a rationale for everything he presented on television, and he wrote columns to help parents and caregivers understand his reasons and motives for each week of Neighborhood programs. In this series of programs, Mister Rogers addresses fantasy and reality by talking about how images from photographs and television screens are different from real life. He also shows how he and Bob Trow make the puppets in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe talk.

The NOM storyline is about hope and disappointment. Lady Elaine Fairchilde mistakenly believes that Cornflake S. Pecially wants to marry her. She plans for a wedding but is sad when she learns that Corney is going away on a trip; he had no idea about a wedding and does not plan to marry Lady Elaine. The neighbors help Lady Elaine deal with her disappointment by throwing a party instead of a wedding.



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Fred Rogers

Column #511–515

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