Fred Rogers was a saver.

From the time he was a young man, Fred saved newspaper clippings, school notes and papers, and letters.

The Fred Rogers Archive is a unique collection that incorporates these early papers into Fred’s work and office files—television scripts, essays and articles, speeches and more.

Studying the materials in the Archive allows us to gain insight on how and why Fred presented certain early childhood experiences and challenges on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. This exhibit allows visitors to explore the themes of Fred’s television program through a curated collection documents, images, and video clips that Fred himself saved.


“One of the true functions of libraries of any kind [is] to encourage families to use the resources of mass communications in the comfortable development of who we are…”


These collections represent some of the most popular themes in the Fred Rogers Archive. With more than 22,000 items available, we’re always discovering something new about Fred, the man behind the iconic red sweater. Check back monthly for novel and updated themes as well as specialty content as we explore what Fred had to say and what we can learn from his amazing legacy.